Podcast Interview: Wendy Laidlaw, Heal Endometriosis Naturally

Wendy is the founder and CEO of “Heal Endometriosis Naturally”.

She personally went from bedridden with pain to fully functioning and thriving without surgery, and now she helps women do the same thing!

She talks about what periods SHOULD be like, and where you can start (especially as busy, working women who experience endo symptoms!)

Wendy has a huge heart and a passion for helping women recover without surgery. She uses a combination of good nutrition and emotional/mental healing and support to walk women through this delicate and difficult period of their lives.

This is important for all women to listen to, especially if you have extreme pain and discomfort during your period, or have ever wondered, “Do I have endometriosis?”

Click here to download her free book, and be sure to connect with her on instagram and facebook for the latest updates and research related to endometriosis!

Listen to our interview HERE! 🙂 (Interview releases Thursday 6/20 at 5am ET)

Emily Long

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