Podcast Interview: Natalie Hodson, CEO of NAH, Inc.

Natalie Hodson, Founder & CEO of NAH, Inc.

I am so excited to introduce you to Natalie Hodson (if you don’t already know her).

Natalie is a mom of two, and an influencer in the world of fitness. She is the co-author of an e-book called “Abs, Core and Pelvic Floor” for women who have experienced diastasis recti (mommy pooch) from pregnancy. She also has created several workout and nutrition bundles for before, during and after pregnancy in addition to many other things. You can check out her store here!

Recently, she started a podcast called “Pulling Back the Curtain” where she explores topics that most people simply won’t talk about (Listen Here!)

She is known for being real, genuine, raw and vulnerable, and has been a huge source of inspiration for so many women from all walks of life.

Be sure to connect with Natalie on instagram, facebook, and pinterest, where I’m sure you’ll find support, inspiration and encouragement!

Listen to our interview by clicking here! (Interview releases Thursday 5/30 at 5am ET)

Emily Long

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