Podcast Interview: Jarrett Arthur & Jennie Trower, Black belts in Krav Maga and self-defense experts

I was introduced to Jarrett Arthur through instagram when I saw somebody post about a self-defense cat keychain (see below).

I had had some crazy experiences with being chased by 6 men for several blocks while I was out of town alone for a kettlebell certification (I share this story on the podcast), and that was enough to make me buy the keychain, AND her program “Don’t Mess with M.A.M.A.” which stands for “Mothers Against Malicious Acts”. (Click here to shop their products!)

The program was designed to help mother’s protect themselves while they were out with their children.

Since then, Jarrett has joined forces with Jennie Trower to teach self defense, setting boundaries and Krav Maga techniques to men and women, especially in the workplace.

These are two awesome women, who have so much value to add to the world!

In this episode, we talk about awareness, setting healthy boundaries with people who are overstepping your comfort zone, what to do when you find yourself in a compromised situation, and much more!

You can follow them on instagram, facebook, and click here for information about booking them for a training at YOUR company!

LISTEN TO OUR INTERVIEW HERE!(Interview releases Thursday 6/13 at 5am ET)

Emily Long

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