Podcast Interview: Jaime Cross, CEO MIG Soap & Co and The HER Effect

I ADORE Jaime Cross. Jaime’s story is absolutely mind blowing (she prayed for God to give her a billion dollar idea that would heal the world… and He did! Listen to the interview for the details!), but her heart is EVEN bigger.

Jaime is the founder and CEO of MIG soap (Mighty in Good), which is an organic beauty and skin care company.

Jaime loves Jesus and loves people, and her huge heart shines through everything that she says. In addition to bringing the best quality skincare products to the world, she is also passionate about helping women step into HER… the woman that God created her to be!

In this episode we talk about how Jaime went from a new stay at home mom, barely able to afford groceries, to becoming the entrepreneur power house that she is. Earning over 7 figures in her business that started with making soap out of her home and selling it door to door, to now selling high end organic beauty products all over the world, and still homeschooling her children and maintaining her values of God, Family and then work.

Her wisdom and story is going to inspire and encourage you so much!

Shop MIG Organic Beauty products here! Check out The HER Effect Here!

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LISTEN TO OUR INTERVIEW Here!!(Interview releases Thursday 6/6 at 5am ET)

Emily Long

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