Podcast Interview: Clare Smith

Ok. This girl is the OG Girl ON FIRE!

This was one of those conversations that I felt like could have gone on and on for hours. We have so much in common from our mindset about fitness and nutrition, to the importance of building a relationship with Jesus.

Clare shares some incredible tips on strength, discipline, how she manages everything from work, to kids, to family and everything in between!

She is one of those fiery, bold ladies that you just simply want to be friends with so you can absorb her wisdom and Christ-like boldness!

Read more about Clare from her About section here!

She is active on social media, and you are going to want to make sure you hit that follow button, especially on instagram and facebook, so you can be lifted up, challenged, and encouraged by her every day!

Listen to our Interview Here! 🙂(Interview releases Thursday 6/6 at 5am ET)

Emily Long

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