Podcast Interview: Carol McLeod, Author, Speaker & Founder of Carol McLeod Ministries

Carol has been one of my inspirations for over a decade now!

I met her through her Bible study for Women called “Just Joy” where she shared stories and the word of God every single week to encourage women and build them up in the midst of their difficulties and circumstances.

Her ministry has since evolved to Carol McLeod Ministries where she still pours herself out to bring joy and hope to women (and men) in the world today (Click here to find out more!)

She is FULL of wisdom and I never read or listen to something of hers without walking away feeling both encouraged and challenged.

She is one of those people you just want to be around you so you can absorb some of her heart kind and Jesus loving spirit.

In this episode Carol shares her story of suffering 5 miscarriages, surviving breast cancer and weathering many storms in life.  She gives wisdom and encouragement to women who are in the throes of raising children, while trying to juggle everything else.

She has authored 10 books, the most recent of which is Stormproof. The other book she mentioned that is perfect for most of the women who are listening (young working moms!) is called “Pass the Joy, Please!”

It’s a devotional for young moms to help you keep your eyes on Jesus in the midst of the chaos!

You can shop Carol’s books here, and be sure to connect with her on social media (instagram, facebook) for daily encouragement and inspiration!

Listen to our Interview Here! 🙂 (Interview releases Thursday 6/27 at 5am ET)

Emily Long

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