Love ya like a MOTHER!

Isn’t it funny how when you’re a mom with small children you just want a few minutes of quiet, but when you’re a grandma you just want all your kids and grandkids around you?

Not that we don’t want to be around our kids on Mother’s Day… just that we want to use the bathroom for 5 minutes without someone calling for us.

And that’s ok!

This weekend though, my little man who is going to be 7 this year was SO incredibly sweet.

He made sure that I had time to myself, and even though he just wanted alone time with daddy when he was joining him for a workout, he offered to “allow” them to bring along the “crazy baby” (toddler haha) so that- in his words- “Mom you can just sit and watch hallmark movies with the “cuddly baby, and just relaaaax!”

Also, he spent the entire time during the workout making a card for me with a stapled pocket, and of course included detailed instructions on how I, too, can staple a pocket.

Kids really are so precious.

When I think back to the moment my son made me a “mom” when I found out I was pregnant, I think about how my life did an instant 180.

I immediately stopped drinking coffee, eating lunch meat, and lowered the intensity of my workouts.

I ate well, stayed in, got extra sleep and did what I could to stay stress free.

It’s amazing how kids can do that, just by existing, change everything for us.

And once they come, and then more than one, all the things that used to be a normal part of our lives are now the last thing on our minds.

We still have obligations like work, cooking, grocery shopping, and finishing projects at 11pm the night before they’re due.

So squeezing in a work out? Planning a whole menu for a week? Some of the first things to go in the life of a busy momma.

I did the same thing for a while.

And it seems like a noble sacrifice, right?

“I can’t take care of myself because I am too busy taking care of YOU!”

But then our sleep suffers, then our energy, our skin, our bodies, our clothes get tight and we feel less confident… over time, if we’re not careful, we lose ourselves.

There is a really good reason that the airline reminds us while traveling with children to put our mask on first.

Because what good is a passed out mom in helping her child?

It’s not selfish to put your mask on first. To take care of yourself first.

In fact, it’s selfish not to.

I am my BEST when I’ve eaten well, exercised, and had a few minutes alone (literally a few as in 3! It doesn’t take much!!)
I am more patient, kinder, more fun to be around…
I am my WORST when I am tired, haven’t moved my body and am constantly responding to the endless “Mom! Momma! Ma! Mommy!”

I am impatient, snarky, more fun to avoid…

The thing is, this advice is not going to be followed by “Just go work out for an hour at the gym 6 days/week!”, in fact, it’s probably best if you don’t.

Just FIVE minutes of movement at the start of your day is enough to start good habits for the rest of the day.

If you’re currently in the noble sacrifice of motherhood stage, please trust me on this. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like, and I know what it’s like to be intentional about getting time in.

You CAN do it, and you WILL feel better for it. And the best part is, your kids will notice and appreciate it too.

If you just can’t bring yourself to do it for yourself, do it for THEM!!!

And if you need a little inspiration, here is a super quick 5 minute SWEAT SESH that will get your heart pumping and literally transform your mood in the morning.
Don’t even change out of your Pj’s.

Just head to a quiet room, get it done and start your day!

Set timer for 5 minutes. Start a new exercise at the top of the minute and go as hard as you can inside that minute!
  • Body weight squats (squeeze your butt on purpose- to advance it make it a jump squat!)
  • Push up (from knees or toes, just keep a good pace and don’t let your hips drop. Keep your abs tight!)
  • Plank w/ X Jump or step (hold a plank on your forearms. Tap your right toe out to the side and switch to other side. Advance it by jumping both feet out wide and back in)
  • Burpee (Start standing, bend down and put feet on floor, jump feet out and back in, then jump up and repeat)
  • Mt Climber (hold push up position, bring right knee towards chest and tap toe to floor, jump to switch, keep a fast pace!) Modify by just tapping toe and alternating without the hop 🙂

And last thing… if you are tempted to say “If I can’t get a whole workout in, what’s the point of 5 minutes?!” … just TRY it… and you will see 🙂



Emily Long

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