How I’m Going to Get Fitter, Stronger, and Healthier Over the Next 10 Weeks than I’ve Ever Been in My Life…

…WITHOUT sacrificing ANY time with my kids and family.

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I thought I’d give you some background on that…

As you know by now, about 8 years ago I found myself the fittest and strongest and healthiest I had ever been up to that point. I was lean, strong, healthy and far more important than that, I was FREE mentally.

I was no longer obsessing over the scale, my body, what to eat/not eat, social events, feeling bloated and like I was so aware of how my clothes felt on my body all the time…

It was awesome to feel my body transform, but what came first and what impacted my life the most was the internal transformation that no one could see just by looking at me.

SO… that is what started this PASSION to inspire women to achieve this SAME transformation.

Well, 6 months ago (to the date in 3 days), Jason and I opened our home to our first longer term foster children. They were 2 weeks and 16 months at the time.

Naturally, going from a 1 6-year old child household to a 3 child (with 2 under 2) was a huge adjustment.

It was crazy figuring out work, family schedules, how to schedule eating, plus all the countless appointments required during the first month (and beyond) with children in foster care.

My fitness focus took a back seat.


Here’s the thing, I don’t regret it and I maybe wouldn’t have done anything differently. I still worked out, I still ate well most of the time, just instead of 4 intense workouts maybe it was 2-3 more casual workouts with more rest.

Instead of 90/10 on my nutrition (90% good, 90% of the time), it was closer to 70/30 or maybe even 60/40 some of the time.

I got softer everywhere, my energy suffered a little (let’s be honest, that could be because I had a newborn baby AND a toddler who wouldn’t sleep for almost a month), and I just started not feeling as great as I like to.

SO, recently, I held up the mirror, and I said- Emily, YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS! I am in the groove now, and I am craving figuring this out.

NOT because my life has gotten less crazy (it’s significantly crazier now than before).

NOT because I feel disgusting and have to change my body.

Simply because I KNOW what I am capable of, and this is not it.

This isn’t driven by self-disgust, it’s driven by self-love! It is driven by belief in my own potential!

And that is EXCITING!

That is INSPIRING (to myself) and ENCOURAGING!

It’s not a journey of self-abuse where I guilt myself into eating right, and follow strict rules, and spend less time with my family.

It’s a “Hey self! Life is crazy, right?! But you can do better! I believe that EVEN IN THIS CRAZINESS you can get fitter, stronger and healthier than ever! You are going to do this, despite the chaos of life! You rock! GO YOU!”

What a difference right?!

So I was going to just do this for myself, but then I thought- No, wait. This could actually REALLY inspire some people.

Maybe for you it’s 20, 50, 75 or 100 pounds.

Maybe it’s just figuring out how to live a healthy lifestyle in the midst of your crazy life.

Maybe it’s just having a reason to take one healthy step at a time to build healthier habits.

Maybe it’s driven by being an example to your son or daughter.

Maybe it’s because you are like me and you simply KNOW you can do better, and you love yourself enough to try!

I will mess up at times, and because I made this commitment to you, you’re going to get to see WHEN i mess up, and how I come back from it.

Because it’s no longer about all or nothing, guilt, self-abuse, negative self-talk, anger and disgust.

IT’s ALL about inspiring myself, encouraging myself, BELIEVING in myself, forgiving myself and LEARNING AND GROWING so that as I mess up, I say, “Ok self! What can we learn? Let’s grow from this and take another step right now!”

Learn to LOVE the process.

Who’s with me?!

I’ll be sharing my entire journey on social media, so make sure you get on both IG and FB! My IG daily stories will be all about this, my FB will be more of a check in here and there. So come on and join me in this journey!

Reply back and tell me what YOU want to accomplish over the next 10 weeks (that takes us to the 4th of July) and beyond DESPITE your crazy life!

Why are YOU not waiting until the chaos settles?

Why are YOU worth the time right now?!




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Emily Long

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