Fake It or Faith It

Have you ever heard the term “Fake it ’til ya make it”?
Maybe you’ve said it?

I have absolutely said it. In fact, I said it frequently just last year.

You see, I have big dreams. I believe that God has put a very big, and very important message inside this unpolished, not always professional, tripping over my own tongue vessel.

I have seen how, despite all the reasons why people should NOT listen to me, the message has pressed through my insufficiencies and impacted people’s lives.

I know why this happens. Because if I had it all together, and I was polished and perfect and I DIDN’T get a huge zit on my chin LITERALLY every time I’m about to speak to a group, then I would have every reason to think, “Yep! I’m awesome! I did that! I am so gifted and talented and great at what I do!”

But when I stand there stammering, and stuttering, and shaking, with sweaty palms and armpits… And I hardly even know what I’m going to say next… But then the words come…I know that I’m not alone.

I pray before each time I share that MY words would fall to the floor and that HIS message would be all that remains in the hearts of those who hear it.
Well, I am pretty sure that MY words fall so hard you can hear them, but when I start talking about this message…

This message of INTENTION.

…Of letting GO of the scale, and the prison that tries to keep us from living our lives!
…Of hitting the PLAY button right NOW on our lives and NOT waiting until the scale gives you the “go ahead” you’re waiting for!
…Of accepting the call that is on your life and living your life with purpose and intention and presence!
…Of beauty in imperfection!
…Of habits over rules!
…Of not being ashamed of your story!
…Of being who you were DESIGNED and CALLED to be, right now, just as you are!

Whew, the words just flow. And those are the words that stay (thankfully!).
So back to “Fake or Faith”… here is what I learned.

When I was calling it “Faking” it, what I was REALLY doing was “Faithing” it.

I was not pretending to be someone I wasn’t.

I was genuinely laying my raw and vulnerable story out for all to see, judge and

consider in FAITH that it would spark a change in them.

I was believing in FAITH that God would transform my messy words into something beautiful in the hearts of the listener.

I was walking in FAITH to step up in front of groups of people, with my sweaty palms and pits and shaking hands, believing in FAITH that the message was bigger than my insecurities. And each time God showed me how HE works THROUGH my weaknesses. I cannot fake that.

That is what Faith It To Make It means.
Do you know what I have found? (And what I have to continually remind myself that I’ve found :))

There is FREEDOM in my weakness.

Because for every area of strength, my mind says, “I got it! I don’t need your help on this one, God!”

I picture my son trying to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on his own at 3 years old (he is 5 now). “No worries, Mom! I’ve got this!”

Half a jar of jelly and peanut butter all over 2 cute little hands later…covered in a mess he looks up and says, “See! I can do it!”

But when he can’t do something, he has to call for me. I have to reach the top shelf, and I have to help him wash his hair.

In his strengths he feels self-sufficient and independent, but in his weakness, he realizes that he is still in need of a loving parent. He still needs to learn and be guided through life by someone who has his best interests at heart.

In my weaknesses I remember that I am still in need of a loving God, who will come beside me and take my hand, and tell me that when I am weak, He is strong.

So if you’re wondering how you’re ever going to be one of those “Fit People” who prep their meals and gets to the gym to work out 4x/week, maybe it’s time you FAITH IT until you make it.

You need to just SHOW UP, in all of your “issues”, just as you are, and hand over the reigns. Be ready to listen and learn and get uncomfortable and stretch. Ready to embrace the moments of teaching in your weakness, and see what you can learn and hold onto.

Step out of your comfort zone. It is within your weaknesses and not in your strengths where change occurs.

If you try to FAKE it, and you try to wake up tomorrow and pretend to be that fit person you’ve been inspired by, you will fall flat on your face.

You were never meant to be them.

You were meant to walk on your own journey, and learn from your own mistakes (and the mistakes of others).

You were meant to be vulnerable and transparent, and get back up every time you fell.

THAT is what Resolved Warriors do. They FAITH it until they make it (and then they “faith” it some more :)).

You were meant to learn how to FAITH it so you can make it.
And I was, too. 🙂


“Faith does not make things easy. It makes things POSSIBLE.” –Luke 1:37

Emily Long

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