FACE IT Till Ya Make it!

I know you’ve heard “fake it till ya make it”, and you may have even heard “Faith it till ya make it” (I actually wrote a blog post about this over a year ago! You can read that here :)), but just recently i heard this somewhere (wish I could remember where)…

FACE it till ya make it.

I LOVE this because fake it feels like you’re just an imposter and you don’t belong.

You’re never really going to be fit, so just pretend you are and maybe someday you will be.

That’s not cool, right?!

And “FAITH it” is great because faith, belief and hope is the foundation of everything that I do. BUT if I am only “Faith-ing” something, like having faith that I will lose the weight. Having faith that I will stop having cravings. Having faith that I will reach thousands of people to teach them how to live a FIT and FREE life, but that faith is not backed up with ACTION, guess what?! I won’t see fruit of that faith.

So to FACE it.

That requires action.

That requires INTENTION.

That requires RESOLVE.

I heard this incredible story Sunday that was shared eloquently by a beautiful woman in our church. She talked about one of the greatest trials that she walked through during her time living in Buffalo. While in the middle of this storm she received an email that said “Buffaloes and the storm”.

It went on to say that while other types of cattle will run from a huge storm when they see it coming and as a result end up running WITH the storm and being stuck in it longer, the Buffalo do the opposite.

They turn their bodies, put their heads down and head STRAIGHT into the eye of the storm.

They dig their hooves in the ground and hold on for dear life.

I feel like the cows are trying to “faith” it without any action. “Let’s just hope this storm ends! Let’s just try to escape it!”

But the Buffalo put their FAITH into ACTION and FACE it. The word she used on Sunday is a word Jason and I use all the time… GRIT. The Buffalo have grit. Stickability. Resolve. Intention. Decidedness.

Once you are DETERMINED to live a certain way, there is truly nothing… no storm, no circumstance… that can stop you.

So if you feel like that’s you today, dig your heels in. DO NOT run the other way. Let the storm make you stronger.

FACE it til ya make it.

And here’s the last thing… there are NO guarantees that we will make it. But I have resolved in my heart that it is better for me to know I have given my all and failed, then to have given nothing and failed.

Love you guys so much! Dig in your heels, lock arms with me and let’s continue pursuing out best lives together!!!

Emily Long

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