Best Stress Reliever…

Do you ever struggle with anxiety or stress/overwhelm?

Then you HAVE to try this simple trick I learned about a year ago that has saved my butt MANY times when I started feeling that anxiety feeling try to creep it’s way in.

It’s called Heart Rate Variability Training (HRVT).

What you do:

As soon as a stressful situation pops up and you start feeling that anxious feeling creep in, close your eyes, close your mouth, and breathe in through your nose for 6 counts, hold at the top for 4, and slowly exhale through your nose for 10.

It takes practice to slow your breath enough to make it take 10s, but it IS possible.

What happens is when you are in a stressful situation, your nervous system kicks into high gear and your adrenaline takes over.

The tricky part is, your brain doesn’t really know if you’re being chased by a bear of if you forgot to pick up your dry cleaning, the response is about the same.

HRVT helps you take you out of that fight or flight adrenaline response, and into a state of mind that allows you to be present and make a conscious and intentional decision, not one out of fear or stress.

Generally I experience anxiety as a result of overwhelm of my to do list (I’m not a great planner :)), so I have learned to use the breathing to calm me down, then pray for wisdom and guidance and peace, and then I make an immediate decision about what next step to take and get into immediate action.

Have you ever found yourself so overwhelmed with so many things to do that you literally don’t do ANYTHING?

So by taking you out of that fight or flight, allowing you to make a conscious decision and then getting into immediate action, the anxiety goes away and all of a sudden you’re back to conquering the world (or your kitchen, or laundry…)

I hope you’ll try it and I hope it helps!


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Emily Long

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